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Have you had it with all the talking and just want to get things done?

31The Action Suite is the place to be to access new tools and skills and GET IT DONE during every weekly session. Re-program your professional life and grow your business. Quickly acquire and immediately apply the proven methods to continue leveling up personally and professionally.

This is right place for you if:
– you want to develop AND implement the knowledge to your unique business immediately
– you never have enough time to discover how to grow your business
– you go to workshops and seminars only to put it aside “when you have time”

The Action Suite currently meets weekly in Vancouver and Maple Ridge, BC.  If you would like to suggest a NEW Location or day that is convenient for you, please send us your suggestions via our contact form! We will notify you when your suggestion becomes available.

Consider the Group Coaching Program to have Joe customize a program for your company and visit your office location(s) weekly to train your staff.

Monthly Membership

Action Suite Members meet each week for 2 hours to attain a new skill, ask questions and GET IT DONE right there in each session. Membership includes access to the exclusive Action Suite Lounge Facebook Private Group for even more materials not covered during the weekly session. As an added bonus, members have direct access to Joe via phone, email and the Facebook Private Group.


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Coming up in The Action Suite

Maple Ridge | 7:30 PM | Chances Casino Boardroom

June 7th | Prioritizing Your Sales Activity. Creating more time for your sales activities by assessing the potential of current customers and to prioritize your sales effort.

June 14th | Increasing People Skills. Making your bonding and rapport skills excel. Turning the seller-buyer dance around to your benefit.

June 21st | A More Compelling Proposal. Aquire the knowledge of doing a proposal that will stand out by avoiding the most common mistakes and replacing them with the correct elements.

June 28th | Second Quarter Review. Bring your numbers for discussions on your SMARTER goals and to change it if required.

July 5th | Managing Emotions. There is an old saying that goes: “The first to show emotions loses.” How to make sure that your emotions are always in check is the objective of this session.

July 12th | Concluding the Sale. At the end of usual practice, we have two groups looking at each other not knowing how to conclude. We are afraid to use old dated closes or plain bad ones. In this session, we will gain the knowledge of concluding the sale for the benefit of both parties.

July 19th | Finding the Pain. What is pain and how do we find it? Prospects never want to share their ‘real’ pain and will throw us all sorts of surface pain. Why? Because it has worked every other time. How to find the real pain is what you will leave during this session.

July 26th | Questioning Culture. The greatest and most successful people live in a questioning culture. The greatest tool in business are questions. Not any question, but the right question. ATHis session will give you the workings of what a questioning culture is all about and how to form the right questions.

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MAPLE RIDGE | Chances Casino Boardroom

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