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Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. ~ Unknown

For personalized, custom training to resolve the unique challenges that are holding you back, you can retain Joe as your coach to work on your immediate needs.

Joe has turned clients from slipping further into the red and brought them back into the black by analyzing and working with them to implement the techniques and strategies to make success not a possibility, but the reality that is required.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~Albert Einstein

An excellent opportunity for new entrepreneurs as well as Multi Level Marketers and the professionals that are in need of an adjustment due to the rapid change that happens in today’s world.

After a complimentary assessment of your business, Joe will customize a program to meet your needs and challenges while keeping your goals in mind. Your success will be determined by your level of implementation of the knowledge, know-how, and tools gained through the weekly sessions. The end results would include an increase in productivity and proficiency which directly leads to profitability.

  • Limited to two people.
  • One 2 hour session per week.
  • Email & phone access to Joe between sessions.
  • Action components provided for implementation at each session.

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Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people. ~Steve Jobs

After a complimentary strategy session for your business, Joe will develop a custom program to address the needs of the team and provide action steps to move them to an even higher performance level.

Joe’s coaching programs are never ‘off the shelf’ as he customizes each coaching program for the organization’s best interest from his over 40 years of experience in the business, perpetual learning and research. Many appreciate that Joe provides the knowledge, ideas and actions that he and those he has worked with have used with great success. As some of his testimonials state: “Joe does walk his talk.”

When working with Joe, he will provide the knowledge, know-how, and tools to be more proficient, productive and profitable. In each session, action steps required for success to happen will be provided. However, as stated by Joe: “The degree of success and the time it takes to become more profitable rests on the willingness to implement the changes required to succeed.” 

  • Limited from three to ten.
  • One 2 hour session per week.
  • Email & phone access to Joe between sessions.
  • Action components to be implemented each week.

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All great speakers were bad speakers at first. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

As an experienced keynote speaker, event and conference speaker, and reaching the highest achievement in Toastmasters International, DTM (Distinguished ToastMaster), Joe has a passion for public speaking and coaching any level of speaker to success.

Joe has coached fellow Toastmasters during the various levels of competition to the World International Champion of Public Speaking. These individuals reached higher levels than they have ever reached before and as a result will continue to compete. Joe currently mentors six Toastmaster Members in their quest to become better speakers and all have progressed much faster than their fellow Toastmaster Club Members.

One of Joe’s favourite public speaking coaching achievements includes coaching a group of Air Cadets, ages 12-18, and taking one of those Cadets to winning the British Columbia Champion of the Effective Speaking Program. This same Cadet place 5th, 3 points from 1st, at the Canadian National Championship.

Public Speaking Sessions include crafting the different parts of a speech in various kinds of speeches including impromptu speeches, using your voice and nonverbal techniques for maximum effect. Joe will ensure you develop your Keynote speech to present to an audience.

Joe has a very unique insight into the human psyche from his formal education as well as his extensive experience in business and research, using unique techniques that allow his students to lose the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of being able to deliver a speech to any size audience.

  • Private Coaching or Group Coaching Sessions.
  • 8-week commitment.
  • One 2 hour session per week.
  • Email and phone access to Joe.

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