process1There seems to exist a belief that there is a magical ‘process’ to sales out there and that if you work with certain coaches, they will give you the secret formula and ‘process’ to make your future in the sales world incredibly successful. You will have so much money that you will fly in private jets everywhere, eat at the finest restaurants and lounge in luxury on your 200’ yacht because of this magical sales ‘process.’


trust1One of the foundational steps in any sales professional’s arsenal is that; people buy from those that they like, trust and remind them of themselves. Therefore, why does it seem to be impossible to build trust with our prospects and even clients?

It may not be something that you are necessarily doing, but there are some that are tainting the whole profession by doing some of the following. In other words: “One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch.” Make sure you are not one of those bad apples.


fishing for clientsLast week I was fishing off Port Renfrew located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island North of Victoria. It occurred to me while out on the boat, very early in the morning, the metaphor that is used many times in business; ‘fishing for clients.’ This analogy may bring some clarity about why you may not be ‘hocking’ the clients that you may be going after.


Business advantage isometric flat vector concept.In speaking with entrepreneurs, the picture that is portrayed is a hurried individual doing a multitude of tasks and yet at the end of the day, they have accomplished absolutely nothing. Then they become depressed and desponded in the lack of the success in their business. This information comes from the Networking events I attend, as well as entrepreneurs that join The Action Suite. However, as those that did join The Action Suite found, it doesn’t have to be this way.


i-sell-funThe last time someone asked you: “What do you do?” How did you answer? If you got an answer such as “Oh.” In all likelihood, they did not resonate with you and that individual has officially tuned out. The reasons are many such as: no need, no interest or even, no money. However, it could also be that you verbally ‘vomited’ all over them and now they are just looking for an escape route to get away from you.


who-is-your-customer_origSomeone that values your service, who wants what you offer and who feels it’s important to them. That question and the answer came from a book that I have just finished called: Five Most Important Questions by Peter Drucker.

That may seem so simple that you may be wondering why do I even bring it up. The better question may be, however, who is my customer? Who is it that I should be really focused on? Who is that does need, want and can afford my product and service? Have you actually sat down and written down who your customers are? If not, I would suggest that would be a great exercise to do.