over the topSociety, in general, has a great deal of difficulty coming up with an appropriate reaction to ‘over the top’. Whereas in one circumstance, one group embraces opinions or plans of action, another group will completely disagree and fight to keep it out. These two groups generally belong to the same business.

The definition by Merriam Webster, states that ‘over the top’ includes: “going beyond what is expected, usual, normal or appropriate.” Excluding the last one, which again, is based on interpretation, is that not what every business strives for? To separate themselves from the norm.


rainWhile spending my annual two-week vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we had a day where it rained (like it does every year on our vacation). Now, when it rains here we are not talking about a little shower but rather torrential downpours that make visibility a challenge.

As a reminder, I reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, the rain capital of Canada and there was a distinctive difference between how we handle being caught in the rain and how the people in this region handle it.


yes“Hi. My name is Brian and I am a ‘yesaholic.” “Hi, Brian.”

What is a ‘yesaholic?’

These are the people that cannot say ‘no’ even though they know they should and continue to say ‘yes’ to any request and task asked of them. This is something that has become rampant in the business world. The reasons that I get from my clients is that if they do not say ‘yes’ they may lose an opportunity, they may lose a client and therefore business among a long list of other reasons including; disappointing others, making others angry and portraying that they are incapable or do not care about their careers.


snowWe had, what is referred to in Vancouver, British Columbia, a major snowstorm. In the rest of the Country, it would be considered a mild dusting. Driving in this ‘snowstorm’ is not only comical but also dangerous, because of the reaction of other drivers.

You may be asking yourself: “What does this have to do with anything in business?” The answer is, because of the reactions of some of these drivers. That reaction is ‘fear.’


desisionsThere are some of us that still recall the days before any technology hit the business world and that one of the selling points was that we would be able to increase the speed that business is done and further, we would become a paperless society.

Well, there seems to be a great spasm between what was promised and what actually is happening today. First, I submit to you the need for paper has actually increased, and secondly, while some functions have become extremely more streamlined such as inventory control, invoicing, and immediate communications with a paper trail, the decision-making process has increased.


consumerMost people are consumers rather than creators. They work in order to get a paycheck, not to make a difference. They are consumers of time. The majority at the end feel very dissatisfied with their lot in life, as they realize that they have created no value.

Left to their own devices, most people consume time instead of investing in it to create.

Every time one consumes time, instead of investing in it, the result is a poorer future. It would be like eating bad food. How great was your immediate future?