I first met Joe through Toastmasters. When I needed help organizing Toastmasters events, I turned to him as a mentor. Joe was and continues to be there as a mentor, friend, and sounding board. He is never afraid to give an honest opinion, and he’s not afraid to suggest events to you that will help you stretch your comfort zone to become a better Toastmaster and a better person.

Do you have a business that seems to have stalled when it comes to growth? Are you trying to build your business all by yourself? Having a great business mentor can give you the tools and insights to kick start your company and propel your company forward with massive results. Come join me and the other members of Joe Da Silva’s Action Suite. We meet weekly to discuss and implement actions that are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Check out Joe Da Silva, you’ll be glad you did.

Joe has been my sales mentor for the past few years and is extremely knowledgeable. As he says, he has a Masters of BTDT (Been There Done That) and his real life experience shows in his teaching.I always know that any advice he gives me,

Business Coach, mentor, adviser……No matter where you are in business either just starting out or got a few years experience behind you, one of your best investments you can make is to have “someone” helping you

Have I ever told you about Joe da Silva? He’s flipping fantastic! He’s changed my life with Toastmasters and so many love working with him. Check out his [Facebook] page. Hit “Like”. And be prepared for change.

I followed Joe’s advice and started implementing his strategy to making more profit and focusing on the main thing. It worked! I have a long term deal with a small landscaping business to work on their website and marketing, a full