I can still feel my brain making new pathways to process what I learned in The Action Suite last night. (No, really. There’s something new and amazing going on inside there!)

Last night’s class wasn’t easy, but things that are worth doing rarely are. Joe threw every possible client objection and stall at me to see how I’d respond. It felt a bit like a game of Whac-A-Mole! It was intense but wonderful. (AND, I learned how to properly handle these situations!)

One of my biggest takeaways from last night is that I’ve been receiving stalls and objections without even realizing it. Turns out, most humans don’t like to say “No”, and will do anything in their power to avoid saying it. Including saying “Yes” and coming up with an excuse later. (How many of you have responded “Maybe” or “Yes” to a Facebook event, knowing you have no desire or intention to attend? Come on… raise your hand.) 🙂

If you’ve been seeing my posts about The Action Suite and have been thinking “Hmm, that sounds like something I need to learn”, come with me! It’s definitely worth experiencing.

Caitey Gilchrist | CaiteyGilchrist.com