I had the good fortune of meeting Joe da Silva when I was a member (for a year) of the “Just Pros” Toastmasters club in New Westminster, BC. As the club’s president, Joe did a wonderful job of leading the club with his passion, expertise and sense of humour; and, in every one of his presentations, he fully “showed up” in whatever way best served the moment: tough and no-nonsense, tender and vulnerable, and everything in between.

Joe was also kind enough to share some very valuable insights into how I could improve my own presentations, and he continues to strongly support me as I move forward into the next chapter of my speaking/performing career.

I’m very grateful to have Joe in my life, and I would strongly recommend him as a speaker, trainer and/or coach. [Nov 5, 2016]

Nathen Aswell | Speaker. Recording Artist. Coach. Podcaster.