firedTwo words that no one wants to hear: “You’re fired.”  Two words made famous during the running of ‘The Apprentice’ on television. Two words that some in the United States would like to say to the current President. It has in all likelihood happened to you if, you have been in this game as long as I have. It certainly has happened to me. That will be another blog for another time. However, did you know that as a sales person you can ‘fire’ your client?


772188The short answer is, absolutely.  Customer service is one of the five selling styles for sales success and all five must be used to reach the pinnacle of ones’ career.  However, the over reliance on any one particular style will sabotage your own success.  The Customer Service Style is the easiest and therefore, the one that most salespeople over emphasize creating challenges that should never exist.


areyoulisteningWhat is the most precious gift that you can give someone?  Something that they will treasure and value and put you three steps ahead of everyone else in your client’s eye?  The answer, strangely enough, is listening and then moving to an action based on that listening.

There is no doubt that in order for long-standing sustainable business to happen, you have to first and foremost, foster bonding and rapport.