top of mindHere we are in July. Both Canada and the United States have had a birthday. Kids are out of school and of course, the weather is getting sunnier and warmer. Furthermore, as I discussed in my blog, Dispelling the Summer Lie, this is an incredible opportunity to increase your business.

What we will be doing today is a continuation of the blog and discuss; how do we stay on top of mind with prospects and clients so that we are the first ones they call.

  1. Bring your creativity. Make sure that whatever you do, it is completely different from anyone else. Be unique and if provider value throughout the summer, you will reap the rewards from your efforts. However, keep in mind, no effort equals no rewards.
  2. Any touch with a prospect/client must have a purpose. Regardless, if it is a phone call, in person or email, there is no place in business for: “Just touching base.” Do not waste their time.
  3. Find an article on their industry that has to do with what you have shared with your prospect/client and send it to them with a short message. “Tom, I saw this article while doing some research and thought I would share it with you as it touches on what we were discussing on (add the discussion point).”
  4. Send them a handwritten card of appreciation. Operative words: “handwritten.” This simple act is one of the most powerful acts you can do. The return on investment is astronomical. The fact that you took the time to hand write and personalize a card will mean more to them than you can ever imagine. I speak from direct experience on this.
  5. Never, ever, ever, use corny and outdated closing techniques with them when you do a follow-up touch. You will be on top of mind for sure, but for all the wrong reasons. Therefore: “Tom, that program we talked about last time, I just wanted to let you know we have someone else coming in to look at it. Did you want to make a decision on it now?” Yes, the old ‘impending doom close.’ Then there’s this one: “Sally, we only have three seats left for the new workshop. Best you register right away to avoid disappointment.” The old ‘diminishing availability’ close.
  6. Provide pertinent information. Did a new accessory come in that can be used with their current goods? Is there a brand new updated model coming in? Is there an issue with the equipment they may not be aware of? These are just a few reasons to have another touch with the prospect/client during the summer months so you stay top of mind.
  7. Find ways to support them. Read industry journals/blogs/magazines and if they were mentioned send a congratulation message. Can you sponsor a hole in their golf tournament, or at the very least donate a door prize, or better still volunteer to help? Again, your return on investment goes through the roof.
  8. Be personal. There is nothing wrong with: “Hi Jim. I know how you love to barbeque. This is my recipe for the sauce that I use on ribs that people have told me is the world’s best. If you do use it, let me know how it turned out.” I have been invited to many a barbeque to try my own recipes.
  9. Own the relationship. You are in charge of the bonding and rapport section of the sales cycle. All you are doing is building the trust and likeability with your client/prospect.

People will buy only from those that they trust and like. Oh, and the ones that are top of mind.

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