a dayEver have one of those days? The day where everything you say or do does not get you anywhere? The day where you start to question everything you do and maybe even the career you have chosen? The day that the only thing you want is to find a sunny patio, having an appetizer and a frosty beer or glass of wine? Yes, that day?

Now that we have all admitted that yes, I have had one of those days. As a matter of fact, I am having more and more of those days. What does one do when it happens?

The first thing is to find that sunny patio and order yourself an appetizer and frosty beer or a glass of wine and put your feet up. Comfy? Good.  Now start figuring out why this day happened by taking a really good hard look at yourself and what you are doing. Remember, there are never any bad customers, but there sure is a lot of bad salespeople. You, if following my blogs and putting some of the ideas and tools into play, are NOT one of those.

Therefore, realize that you are the one that made this day. You have probably gone through the: “Why is this happening to me?” and all sorts of other questions making yourself out as a victim. What you should be asking yourself, as you take a bite of the appetizer, is: “Am I following the process exactly as I did yesterday when I had a great day?” Along with: “Am I approaching this day with the same energy and attitude as I did yesterday?” In all likelihood, the answer will be the same for both, NO.

The next step is to not simply change on the spot and then continue, but to ask yourself: “Why?” You have to find the reason for the outcomes you have been getting. This is the time of self-reflection, something that is resisted by so many. We are in control of only one thing in this world and that is us. If you do not reflect on the ‘me’ then you may not have the world on your side.

Now that we are getting the idea, take another sip of that frosty beer, or glass of wine, get a good picture of the difference between insanity and momentum. The difference is so minuscule that a lot of us miss it. Momentum is using the same steps that give you success. In other words, if it worked yesterday, it will work today. Therefore, why did you stop your own momentum? Insanity is as the definition goes doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Therefore, why did you not realize that it was not working? Further, it didn’t work on the first three calls, did you think it would change with the fourth? Remember, the difference between the two is minuscule.

You should have at this point learned the lesson which this day set out to teach you. You are in control of you. There is a clear point where you did start to play the victim instead of taking responsibility for the results. You have done some self-reflection and found the minute you went from continuing your momentum and went into insanity. Which in all likelihood was the minute you woke up this morning.  Now here you sit in a ‘timeout.’ If you are indeed on a sunny patio enjoying some food and a cold frosty beer or glass of wine, not a bad place for a timeout.

You are also, done for the day. Remain in your ‘timeout’ reflecting on your lesson and on how tomorrow you will once again start the momentum going again because of what you learned today about yourself.

Remember, sometimes, the best call you make is the one you don’t make.

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