Joe has uncovered the many secrets to Sales and Business Success over his 40 years in the field. He shares his experience and knowledge with professionals to significantly increase their proficiency, productivity, and profitability through group and individual training, seminars and ongoing sessions such as The Action Suite. Joe’s passion and goals are to mentor individuals with their professional challenges by shortening the learning curve and showing them how to grow into their own success.

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The Action Suite

workshop19Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile. ~Abu Bakr

Have you ever attended a workshop, took notes and then never took action? Or maybe you had questions to apply the knowledge and no one was there to answer them? If so, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

Action Suite Members meet each week for 2 hours to learn a new technique or skill, ask questions relevant to their needs and GET IT DONE right there in each session. As a further benefit, Members also have access to additional support through the exclusive Action Suite Facebook Group or by contacting Joe directly.


Private Coaching

For personalized, custom training to resolve the unique challenges that are holding you back, Joe has a few spots reserved for private, personal coaching. Work only on what you need immediately to get you on the right track with a plan to move forward.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. ~ Derek Bok

Joe has turned customers from slipping further into the red and brought them back into the black by analyzing and working with them to implement all the techniques and procedures to make their ultimate success not just a possibility, but the reality that is required. He will be with you to make phone calls or go to appointments with you. In other words, Joe will do what it takes to make you successful.

  • Sessions are 2 hours in duration.
  • There will be action components for implementation at each session which you will be held accountable.
  • Email and phone access available to Joe between sessions.

When are you ready for that kind of success? Contact Joe directly to discuss how you can benefit from personal coaching and creating a strategy to get you to where you want to be.



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I have noticed not only the proliferation of the number of emails that I get offering me programs and training
It amazes me in working with some individuals, how they can do all the hard parts of the sales cycle
Most people are consumers rather than creators. They work in order to get a paycheck, not to make a difference.
This past week I was honored to meet individuals from all over the world during the 86th Annual Toastmasters International


Joe is an expert in the field of sales and human interaction. He is an engaging speaker and teacher with a witty sense of humor that helps him connect with his clients. He delivers practical advice that can be put…

Kinga Labunski | Mortgage Professional, Verico Nova Financial Services Inc.

I followed Joe’s advice and started implementing his strategy to making more profit and focusing on the main thing. It worked! I have a long term deal with a small landscaping business to work on their website and marketing, a…

Daryl Oberg

I had the good fortune of meeting Joe da Silva when I was a member (for a year) of the “Just Pros” Toastmasters club in New Westminster, BC. As the club’s president, Joe did a wonderful job of leading the…

Nathen Aswell | Speaker. Recording Artist. Coach. Podcaster.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Joe’s “Can you handle more clients in less time?” workshop. Not only did it provide valuable selling techniques (the kind with integrity, NOT mind-tricks or gimmicks), but I also

Sean Allt | Expert in Human Performance, Movement, and Coaching

If you are no better tomorrow than you were yesterday, then you have wasted today.