Last week I was calling back the clients that had worked with me so far this year, I am sure you all do that. What? You don’t. Maybe you should carve out some time to do so as there is no easier sale that you can make than a sale to an existing customer as they know and trust you already.

I was concerned about one particular client as his fear of rejection had kept on the sidelines. It was starting to become a major issue with his manager. Yes, he was about to be terminated and the manager had decided to hire me for him and the rest of his team as a last resort.

The Micromanagement Myth

There is a dangerous myth going around which states the reason for micromanaging is so one is sure ‘nothing’ goes wrong and deliverables are delivered on time and budget. My opinion is this myth is actually being propagated by…micromanagers.

The above could not be further from the truth. There is a HUGE cost to micromanagement and micromanagers don’t even see it because it can’t be measured.

By micromanaging your team, individuals or other departments, you are essentially telling them you do not trust them to get the job and deliverables done.


I have to set the budget numbers for next month. Have to start getting the final numbers in for this month. There are three workshops which need to be completed for this month. I need to create content for next week. There are those classes which I need to teach. Have to set the agenda for the special meeting. OMG!!! Can I get the World to just stop for awhile, please? I am so stressed out!!

Is the above scenario something which you deal with? It is for me, except for one little factor; it does not stress me out.


Imagine, if you will, a sunny, warm summer’s day. There is a carpet of green grass as far as the eye can see, when, all of a sudden a spaceship hovers above and lands in front of you. As it descends, there is a cloud of steam that appears and soon thereafter a hatch opens and you are the first on Earth to make contact with a life form from another planet.


Why is it during this time of year one gets inundated with offers from all sorts of ‘gurus’ on how to take your business to the next level.

These take the guise of everything from; getting qualified leads which require you to close and further offer hundreds and hundreds of those leads to being a ‘Master Trainer’ that will increase your business by 200% or more in a month. Yesterday I received three offers just like those and have reached my breaking point.

STOP IT!!! You know it is wrong and all you are doing is taking advantage of people.


Do you? Does anyone else see the major challenge in using those two little words?

While having a discussion in The Action Suite, for more information on this very unique business development program go to JoedaSilva.ca and click on the link, on how to think outside the box, Sheila Sutherland, one of business leaders in this group, stated: “Stop using ‘I know.” Even I was taken aback for a time and asked her to explain further and what she shared was truly eye-opening for everyone, including myself.