Why is it during this time of year one gets inundated with offers from all sorts of ‘gurus’ on how to take your business to the next level.

These take the guise of everything from; getting qualified leads which require you to close and further offer hundreds and hundreds of those leads to being a ‘Master Trainer’ that will increase your business by 200% or more in a month. Yesterday I received three offers just like those and have reached my breaking point.

STOP IT!!! You know it is wrong and all you are doing is taking advantage of people.

You offer no concrete evidence. You give generalizations and my favourite, you use language in a way which protects you. Classic examples include:

  1. Offering a book of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Scripts at a ridiculous low price. Things to consider; first, do you really want to program anyone? Secondly, a script assumes ALL human beings are the same and you can use a single script for everyone. Are we not ALL unique and as such should we not be talked to in a unique manner? This is not an attack on NLP trainers as I know of one that I respect immensely and love when we get together for coffee and discussions. His line to me is: “NLP is just effective communication and Joe you can out NLP anyone and you have not taken any training except for effective communication.” Moving on.
  2. ‘Master Trainers’ in sales. Good for you, you went to a seminar and read a couple of books and are now a ‘Master Trainer’ with all the behaviors, attitudes and techniques that takes a salesperson to a sales-professional. Great majority of these ‘Master Trainers’ would fold like a cheap suit in front of challenging prospects. Not everything comes from a book or seminar. Learn to walk your talk before you start talking it. I have been in the arena in front of those challenging clients and prospects longer than most of these ‘Master Trainers’ have been alive. With 43 years, instead of days, I can honestly look into your eyes and categorially say: “Yes, I walk my talk! Do you want to know how it is really done?”
  3. Now, my favorite; the outlandish claims. There is an extremely well know person in the business training community whose books, yes plural, I have read. He states that he can make 30 cold calls in less than 30 minutes and can teach you to do the same. Apparently, in the book, he demonstrated this to a client by doing 30 in 27 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, please just think about it. That is one call in less than one minute. You have to dial, get by the gatekeeper, be put on hold, get to the party you need to talk to, introduce yourself and finally get to the reason for the call all in less than one minute. Is it really possible? Sure, I could DIAL 30 numbers in less than 30 minutes, however, I can not make 30 CALLS, actually having a conversation, in 27 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, ask for ‘real’ evidence to back up the claims, vent them before you take your hard earned money which you need and give it to them. Are the claims even possible?

If you are doing these outlandish claims, please, I implore you, be anti-Nike, Just STOP IT!!!

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