Them: “Yopossibillitiesu are not going for it, are you?”

Me: “Why not?”

Them: “What if it blows up in your face and you have nothing?”

Me: “What if it doesn’t blow up and I have everything?”

How many successful people do you know that are negative thinkers and afraid of taking risks? How many people who are always thinking anything new is impossible have been able to achieve great things? Let me answer those questions for you, none.


successRecently, at my advanced Toastmaster’s club, a gentleman had a 45-minute speech on “What is success and how does one go about finding it”?. This was a couple of days after posting an article by Mark Mason to my private group, The Action Suite Lounge, on the same subject. Therefore, how do we go about defining success?

Success is defined as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,” along with, “the attainment of popularity or profit.” However, this goes against some of the most successful leaders of the world and what they think success is.


sorry perfectDo you remember the perfect presentation you did last week? Do you recall the perfect estimate you gave your biggest client last month? How about the last perfect day you had? I’m sorry, but you have not reached perfection. The reason is, it does not exist.

Perfect is a myth. We can get close, excellent, but we can’t reach it. Even its’ definition tells you so: ‘make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.’ I submit to you what we are doing is the bold part of the definition.


blogThere are three ‘P’ words used in business which at first glance may be unrelated until you really sit back and think. Those words are productive, procrastination and perfection.

The one that will do the most harm to your business would be, you would think procrastination but it is perfection. Take a minute or two to let it sink in. All three words are intertwined with each other. You may be asking yourself: “How so?”

I will use the process of producing this blog as an example of how the three ‘Ps’ are related to each other and how you may be doing some irreparable damage to your business by not recognizing the intertwining relationship.


a dayEver have one of those days? The day where everything you say or do does not get you anywhere? The day where you start to question everything you do and maybe even the career you have chosen? The day that the only thing you want is to find a sunny patio, having an appetizer and a frosty beer or glass of wine? Yes, that day?

Now that we have all admitted that yes, I have had one of those days. As a matter of fact, I am having more and more of those days. What does one do when it happens?


momentumMomentum is defined as; ‘the amount of motion occurring in something that is moving or the force that drives something forward to keep it moving.’ Once you gain momentum in sales, the trick is to keep it going. I have seen some gain great momentum in their sales careers only to have it come to a screeching halt.

Momentum is that time when everything you do turns to gold. The feeling one gets from having this amount of success keeps us going. We have the day of our life and it continues the next day until we have a week. We may even have a month of great momentum and thus that great success.