shutupHave you ever been in a conversation where the other person is like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ and just keeps going and going and going? How long before you completely tune them out? Is it; one minute, three, maybe five or even longer? Statistics show that it is under the one-minute mark.

However, some in the sales game will use the above tactic as they feel by talking all the time they will wear you down and the only alternative to get them to shut up is to buy. Honesty check: How many of us have used the ‘gabfest technique?’ Don’t be shy, you are by yourself reading this.


emailIsn’t technology grand? Yes, it is. Unless, if by using it you are getting ignored.

One of the most used tactics today in using technology is, using emails as a way of performing ‘cold calls’. Hands up of those of us who actually enjoy getting these emails? Okay, then what makes you think anyone would like to receive these emails from you?


stupid1“YOU STUPID IDIOT!” Have you ever said that to a prospect or client?

I certainly hope not. However, why do we say it to ourselves? More importantly, why do we believe what we tell ourselves? Does anyone believe that the things we tell ourselves do not affect how we perform; be it in our business or personal life?


simpleThe challenge which most of us in sales have is that we make simple things hard. We take a look at a concept, or new idea and think: “It can’t be that simple, can it?” Not only is it that simple, but it is also easy. We further complicate the process by again saying to ourselves: “Let me see if I can actually find the way to do this.” Therefore, making it harder than it has to be.


lets-talk_origMore and more business is being done from the comfort of home while wearing an old pair of sweat pants, t-shirt and favorite slippers. However, in my opinion (three words that always get me in trouble), I have noticed not only the proliferation of the number of emails that I get offering me programs and training but that people are trying to have a verbal conversation, digitally. Newsflash; you are annoying your potential customer.


i-sell-funThe last time someone asked you: “What do you do?” How did you answer? If you got an answer such as “Oh.” In all likelihood, they did not resonate with you and that individual has officially tuned out. The reasons are many such as: no need, no interest or even, no money. However, it could also be that you verbally ‘vomited’ all over them and now they are just looking for an escape route to get away from you.