Them: “Yopossibillitiesu are not going for it, are you?”

Me: “Why not?”

Them: “What if it blows up in your face and you have nothing?”

Me: “What if it doesn’t blow up and I have everything?”

How many successful people do you know that are negative thinkers and afraid of taking risks? How many people who are always thinking anything new is impossible have been able to achieve great things? Let me answer those questions for you, none.


successRecently, at my advanced Toastmaster’s club, a gentleman had a 45-minute speech on “What is success and how does one go about finding it”?. This was a couple of days after posting an article by Mark Mason to my private group, The Action Suite Lounge, on the same subject. Therefore, how do we go about defining success?

Success is defined as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,” along with, “the attainment of popularity or profit.” However, this goes against some of the most successful leaders of the world and what they think success is.


momentumMomentum is defined as; ‘the amount of motion occurring in something that is moving or the force that drives something forward to keep it moving.’ Once you gain momentum in sales, the trick is to keep it going. I have seen some gain great momentum in their sales careers only to have it come to a screeching halt.

Momentum is that time when everything you do turns to gold. The feeling one gets from having this amount of success keeps us going. We have the day of our life and it continues the next day until we have a week. We may even have a month of great momentum and thus that great success.


consumerMost people are consumers rather than creators. They work in order to get a paycheck, not to make a difference. They are consumers of time. The majority at the end feel very dissatisfied with their lot in life, as they realize that they have created no value.

Left to their own devices, most people consume time instead of investing in it to create.

Every time one consumes time, instead of investing in it, the result is a poorer future. It would be like eating bad food. How great was your immediate future?


selftalkFor those that read my blog last week, you have in all likelihood been thinking about all the things you tell yourself and further, have discovered how those thoughts are affecting your business and/or personal life.

As mentioned last week, there is a scientific process to not only greatly reduce this ‘internal chatter’, but in some cases, eliminate the ‘chatter’ completely. These four steps are based on research and implementation by George Dudley, from Baylor University and Shannon Goodson, from Lamar University. Their research has formed the foundation of the majority of courses on how to stop the career-limiting self-talk.


stupid1“YOU STUPID IDIOT!” Have you ever said that to a prospect or client?

I certainly hope not. However, why do we say it to ourselves? More importantly, why do we believe what we tell ourselves? Does anyone believe that the things we tell ourselves do not affect how we perform; be it in our business or personal life?