consumerMost people are consumers rather than creators. They work in order to get a paycheck, not to make a difference. They are consumers of time. The majority at the end feel very dissatisfied with their lot in life, as they realize that they have created no value.

Left to their own devices, most people consume time instead of investing in it to create.

Every time one consumes time, instead of investing in it, the result is a poorer future. It would be like eating bad food. How great was your immediate future?

PodcastListenInvested time will always leave you better off. This investment can be in working on your career, making yourself be the best you that you can be, or even a combination of both.

The most intense learners are also the most successful people in the world. Is this a coincidence? I think not. They have realized that the knowledge that they have, dictates how they see the world and also how they see themselves in that world. This pertains to all facets of their life, be it personal and/or business.

These successful people gained their vast knowledge by being prolific readers and by continuing to be consumers of workshops, seminars, and programs that can take either their business or even themselves to a higher plateau. They gain knowledge from their peers and others in their industry. They all have mentors that they can speak to and gain even greater knowledge. They have no idea who Khloe Kardashian is, nor do they really care as knowing who she is would be consuming time instead of using that time to create.

Don’t get me wrong, these successful people do believe in entertainment as well as education, but the entertainment has to have a purpose and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ does not really serve a purpose for them. They are very choosy about their entertainment choices and base their decisions on how it can serve them with purpose and metaphors for their business or personal growth

There is a term used in education that blends it with entertainment, called edutainment. There have been countless studies conducted recently which clearly shows if the learner is being entertained while at the same time fed knowledge, the knowledge given will not only be remembered but also will be more likely to be implemented into one’s life.

There has never been a highly successful individual, regardless what your definition of ‘successful’ is, that was not first a creator and furthermore, there has never been a creator without an investment of time in their life. What was the last book you read? Show you saw? Workshop or seminar you attended? Program or class you took? A question you may want to ask yourself is: “Wonder how my competitor would answer those questions?”

Are you a consumer or a creator of your time? If all you care about is how Khloe is doing or how she is getting in trouble, how can you expect to create value in your life and work? Another way you can look at it is: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

You can continue to be the consumer and pay someone, or be the creator and have someone pay you. The choice, as always, is yours.

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