right question“We are currently having issues with our supplier on…” You think: “Great! I now have something in which to make us look better than the competition.” You think this because you have yet to achieve the art of the next question.

Questions form the solid base to any sales calls. This should now be entrenched in everyone’s mind. The question then becomes, what kind of questions should you be asking?

I wish I could give you a list of questions to ask, but I cannot. Every situation is different, every prospect/client is also different and every industry is unique in its own right. However, this does not mean you should not have questions ready to ask.


over the topSociety, in general, has a great deal of difficulty coming up with an appropriate reaction to ‘over the top’. Whereas in one circumstance, one group embraces opinions or plans of action, another group will completely disagree and fight to keep it out. These two groups generally belong to the same business.

The definition by Merriam Webster, states that ‘over the top’ includes: “going beyond what is expected, usual, normal or appropriate.” Excluding the last one, which again, is based on interpretation, is that not what every business strives for? To separate themselves from the norm.


consumerMost people are consumers rather than creators. They work in order to get a paycheck, not to make a difference. They are consumers of time. The majority at the end feel very dissatisfied with their lot in life, as they realize that they have created no value.

Left to their own devices, most people consume time instead of investing in it to create.

Every time one consumes time, instead of investing in it, the result is a poorer future. It would be like eating bad food. How great was your immediate future?


competitionMark Sanborn, leadership speaker and best-selling author noted: “If you aren’t a little different than your competition, you’re in trouble.”  Again, we are talking, like we did in the previous blog on differentiating yourself from the competition.  However, there are many reasons that the competition is good for you and the service that they provide you is of a great benefit to you.


differentIf you do and sound like everyone else, why would anyone choose you over someone that they are dealing with now?  Further, if they are not dealing with anyone else now, why you and not one of the other clones of you?  By being one of the collective, you are bringing your product and/or service into the dangerous realm of being a commodity.  The only way you will ever win in that scenario is by being cheaper than anyone else.  Those clones will then, offer it cheaper than you and so on until someone wins the race to the bottom.  As I have mentioned before, that is the race you should never want to win.


buildingvalueA month ago, I wrote a blog on ‘The Importance of Value.’  In that blog, I discussed the fact that in order to build the value proposition, one would need to complete a SWOT analysis on their competition, as well as on themselves. There is however, another SWOT analysis that you have to do and that is on your company.  Obviously, if you are a solopreneur; doing it on yourself is also, doing it on your company.