thinking and results feedback loopAs all of you can guess, especially if you have followed me for a while, I constantly challenge the status quo. More importantly, why are you not?

“The existing state of affairs.” is how the status quo is defined. It is interesting to note that the synonyms are ‘normalcy and normality.’ Also, one of the examples given is: “He is content with the ‘status quo and does not like change.” That is why I continually challenge the status quo; who wants to stay the same?

By challenging ‘normalcy’ it allows us to have an opportunity to have conversations about what is truly going on and how it may not be serving us anymore. Moreover, in today’s society, without challenging it one will find themselves always at least three steps behind the rest of society.

Then there is that whole ‘change’ thing and not being comfortable with change. I have written a few blogs on how to deal with change and the conclusion is always the same it seems; without change there is growth and without growth, the best you can expect is exactly what you are getting. However, what you are getting will diminish greatly as time goes by. Are you prepared to live with those results?

There are a lot of things that stop growth and when growth stops, progress is halted and without progress, success becomes a wish and a dream without ever being realized. Besides, ‘status quo’ there is, ‘comfort zone.’ We all know if we are in our ‘comfort zone’ we are in real serious danger of not progressing. There is not a single successful person today or in the past who got to a high level of success without getting out of their ‘comfort zone.’

By getting out of their ‘comfort zone’ they were able to look at the ‘status quo’ and determine the result of following it was not going to get them to where they wanted to be. These successful people then started ‘thinking outside the box.’

If there is one thing which the ‘status quo’ fears are those which ‘think outside the box’ as it is a direct challenge to the ‘status quo.’

One of the statements which bring a gigantic smile to my face when uttered by a prospect is: “But we have always done it this way.” Talk about being in a ‘status quo’ rut. These are the people which require the most help in the quickest manner.

“Fantastic! What is your favorite kind of baby food?” is my usual reply, or something similar. Obviously, I get strange, confused and bewildered looks, followed by: “What do you mean?” “Well, if you do not like change and love your comfort zone because you do not want to think outside the box, then you must still eat baby food. However, I believe you have gone through many changes before. Therefore, why are you hesitant today?” I have never been asked to leave.

After the initial shock wears off we have an intelligent and productive discussion on challenging their ‘status quo’. These conversations on the majority of the time are actually led by the prospect and not myself.

I would like to now draw your attention back to the beginning of this blog; are you doing what you are doing because that is always the way you have done it? Are you afraid of change? How scared are you of leaving your comfort zone? When was the last time you thought outside the box? When will you change your ‘status quo?’

To make dreams come true, you will need to overthrow the status quo.

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