Last week I was calling back the clients that had worked with me so far this year, I am sure you all do that. What? You don’t. Maybe you should carve out some time to do so as there is no easier sale that you can make than a sale to an existing customer as they know and trust you already.

I was concerned about one particular client as his fear of rejection had kept on the sidelines. It was starting to become a major issue with his manager. Yes, he was about to be terminated and the manager had decided to hire me for him and the rest of his team as a last resort.

I quickly started working with this group and the first thing I did was talk about the fear of rejection in order to help this one individual right away.

My first question to the group was: What is the worst thing that can happen to you if your prospect and/or client says no?”

There were all the regular responses: “I won’t make quota.” “I could get fired.” “I will look like a loser to others.” “My competition may get the sale.” As well many others.

After each response, I stated: “Is that all. There has to be something worse?”

This exercise went on for 20-minutes with my response always being: “There has to be something worse.” As the discussion reached a crescendo, I finally asked: “Do you know of anyone that has ever died from getting a no?” Of course the answer was no. Which begged the question: “If you know you are not going to die, why are you not taking the risk?” Twelve really puzzled and embarrassed looks staring back at me.  

Erica Jong once stated: “If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more” Yes, if you do not take the risk, you will not meet quota, you may be terminated and your competition will get the sale. Therefore, if you categorially know you will not die, then why are you not taking the risk?

Which is worse, getting a no, or dying?

Your brain is there to keep you safe from all the pain you may get in your life. This includes the pain of rejection. However, by protecting you from that pain there may even greater pain in your future by not listening to your ‘gut’ and doing what it tells you what you have to do. There is a constant battle between your ‘gut’ and brain. Your gut wants you to take a leap. Your brain is there telling you not to as you may get hurt. Is that really how you want to live your life always playing it safe?

I know a young lady that wants to speak at an event where there may be over 100 people watching every word she says. It is a professional speaking stage for professional speakers. When I asked her if she thought she was ready for the G.R.O.W. (Greatness Resides and Originates Within) stage, she stated: “Well, we won’t know unless I do it.” She is one of my protégées. She is willing to take the risk.

If she excels, which she will, she will not have any regrets for doing it. If she fails, she won’t, it will not kill her and she can improve even more for the next time.

As for my former client, he has made quota for the past four months and is quickly making up for the bad months he was having. He is back in the game as he has changed his mindset that it will not kill him to make those calls.

Are you willing to take more risks by not taking a risk?

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