I was working as a Shop Foreman Master Technician in a Chrysler Dealership for 30 years when my wife and I decided to make a life change and moved to the Okanagan. I was offered a job in a Management role with Canadian Tire, this was quite a learning curve for me, mentally more than physical, however, with Joe da Silva’s guidance and knowledge he was able to walk me  through the steps that I would need to succeed in a very different role than I had been working at for so many years.

After 5 months at my new job, service manager, I am building confidence and learning to hold meetings with my staff, as well as increasing sales in the department and feel good about my decision to make such a different change.

Thanks to Joe I am able to say that this big move in my life has worked out for the best.

Thanks Joe for all your support through this process and taking me to a successful end.

[April 2016]

Earl Adams | Service Manager, Canadian Tire