It is with immense pleasure to know Joe da Silva personally & professionally. He demonstrates vast knowledge in the area of sales & business expertise with an amazing 40 plus years in a variety of sales venues. He really & deeply cares for people genuinely. He knows how to get results with practical steps & solutions that made a great difference to my voice services business. His matter of fact approach in business communication helped me gain expertise in letting go of a potential client that was a poor communicator of his business needs & desires.

He also with kindness, support & practical email tips aided my success with a client to receive budget approval & in July I will be voicing his video & making a substantial injection of cash into my business account. I am very grateful for Joe’s friendship, he really cares & demonstrates it with tangible actions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Joe da Silva for sales education, support, & seminars in which you will definitely improve your sales & your business account.
[July 4, 2016]

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