7769517There is no doubt that the best tool that a salesperson has is questioning techniques.  Also, there is no doubt that there are extremely poor questioning techniques being used by some of these same salespeople.  In subsequent blogs, we will be delving into an array of questions and techniques to get information and to help the client come to their own conclusion.


8279249_origThere is a time in everyone’s life, and just not in their career, but in all facets of their life, where they hit what has been commonly referred to as the ‘barrier.’  This is the spot where a decision has to be made as to either stay where you are, or, go through, over, or, around it and explore the unknown.  In other words, to get out of your comfort zone.


7700493_origThis week, I was witness to a sales ‘train wreck’ that I thought I would never see.  Where the ‘value’ of a product was so cheapened as to make me, and I’m sure others, to actually question its true worth.  We have seen it all before, but it is generally reserved for late night, or, early morning infomercials and not by what I thought were, but obviously are not, true professionals.