5735912_origAre your clients talking about you when you leave, or, are they talking to your competitors, ordering from them and talking about you?  What is setting you apart from those competitors?  Are you being different and unique enough to convince your prospect that they should be dealing with you?  In other words, what are you bringing to the table that sets you apart from everyone else?

“If you feel it, say it.”

Listen to Joe da Silva's Podcast Episode on iTunesA closer look at three different definitions will bring this technique into a more cleared focus.  Starting with memorable; “worth being remembered or noted; remarkable.” However, different is defined as; “not the same as another or each other.”  The third definition is for unique; “unlike anything else.”  Three words that are virtually saying the same thing.  Therefore, if one works on being different and unique, they, in essence, become memorable.  Further, if you are memorable, you stand above the competition and become that value added ingredient that your prospect was looking for.  In order to achieve unique and different techniques, you must be prepared to do some hard work.  However, the rewards at the end of the day that you reap are certainly worth it.  Well, for those that want to leave the role of sales person to that of sales professional.

Being memorable starts with:

Whatever your competition is doing, stop doing it immediately.  Look back to the definitions of different and unique.  There is nothing there that states to be like everyone else.  However, if you want to be like your competition, then do exactly what they are doing because I am sure your prospect would leave what he has and has become accustomed to for someone else that does, acts and portrays exactly what he has?
The first impression.  It starts even before you open your mouth.  Are you dressed appropriately for the industry and the people that you are meeting?  Are you well groomed, clean shaven, hair in place, hands clean, etc.?  Are you exuding a positive attitude?  Is there a smile on your face and are your eyes wide open and look clear and ready to engage?  When it comes time to exchanging business cards, what does yours say about you?  This card is your image and brand.  Even though you may be representing a company, never kid yourself, they are buying you, they are trusting you, it’s you they will come to for advice; you are the brand that they are buying.  Is your brand buyable?

Always be professional.  Which means, to be prepared; never come in and ask: “So, tell me about your business.”  You should have done your homework and the questions you ask about their business are of the clarification nature.  This tells your prospect that you cared enough to do research.  Be 10 minutes early.  Get to the point quickly; their time is valuable and so is yours.  Ask questions, but more importantly, listen to the answers instead of focusing on your next question.

Be courageous.  Ask the difficult question.  The one that you are thinking that is going to upset them.  Your prospect has been waiting for someone who has an assertive style.  They want to deal with someone that does not sugar coat, mince or take the easy way out.  One of my mentors says all the time: “If you feel it, say it.”  That has served me well throughout my career.  Sure I have gotten the: “I can’t believe you just said that.”  Usually followed by: “It does, however, make perfect sense.  Could you elaborate?”

Have fun.  My belief is that if you make someone smile, they will like you, but if you make them laugh, they begin to trust you.  Guess what, people buy from people that they like and trust.  Also, if you are having fun at what you are doing, you never work a day in your life.

These are only five of the many ways that allows you be not only Different, but also Unique and as a result, Memorable and Believable. It takes a considerable amount of further study, practice, and work, but the end result is that your prospect will be definitely talking about you and you will be going back to the office with a contract or purchase order.

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