testimonial_origThere is nothing more powerful that the thought of another human being and yet, we do not harness that power to help us in the process towards our ultimate goals and success in our businesses.

I have been informed by a lot of my clients that what they would like to achieve is a level of value in their business, that if seen by a potential client, they would be convinced to work with them.  They want to know what they can do to achieve this quicker and easier than how they have been currently doing it.  There is a complete look of bewilderment when I tell them: “Absolutely nothing.”

… businesses are not using the easiest, fastest and best way to build the value… 

You know that you provide a great product and/or service.  You also know that you are a leader and expert in providing that service and/or product; however, you are not the person that can convince anyone else the value that you can bring to the table for them.  That job is left to those happy, satisfied and content clients that use your product and/or service.  The challenge that I see over and over again is that businesses are not using the easiest, fastest and best way to build the value in their businesses.

What am I trying to get at?  Testimonials!  Even though you can build the value of your business by yourself, there is nothing that builds that value quicker, more efficiently or with more certainty, than a testimonial.  These are people that are willing to tell the world just how great you really are.  If you say it, others may consider it as you are ‘pushing’ your product or service.  However, if others say exactly the same thing, then there is a ‘pulling’ through the process.  You are not bragging or being ‘full of yourself’.  You are letting others say just how ‘great’ you are.  There is a big difference.

There seems to be a question about how one gets others to talk about us and give us those valuable testimonials.  Here is a thought, simply ask.

It really is that simple.  If you know that you have provided a valuable product or service to someone, simply ask if they would be able to provide you with a testimonial about their experience in dealing with you.  You will be quite surprised how quickly they not only do it but how flattering the words they use are.  The next step is to make sure you have them handy and to take those testimonials and apply them to your marketing and campaigns.

My brochure is made up of over 50% testimonials and the remainder is about the programs and services that I offer along with my bio.  Clients that I have gotten as a result of the brochure tell me that it was because of the testimonials that they decided to work with me.  I have testimonials on all of my main social media platforms, as well a complete page on my website dedicated to those that tell the world what I have actually done for them.

When my clients get asked by prospects why they should buy their products or service, they are trained to say: “I am not saying that you should.  However, here are some that have and their experiences.”

Why speak for yourself when others can do a much better job.


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