Business advantage isometric flat vector concept.In speaking with entrepreneurs, the picture that is portrayed is a hurried individual doing a multitude of tasks and yet at the end of the day, they have accomplished absolutely nothing. Then they become depressed and desponded in the lack of the success in their business. This information comes from the Networking events I attend, as well as entrepreneurs that join The Action Suite. However, as those that did join The Action Suite found, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are hundreds of ways to make any entrepreneur more effective, efficient and productive and therefore, more profitable. The caveat is, that you must implement the suggestions. Otherwise, you will get exactly the same results as you have been getting. Here are just seven of the hundreds of the tips to consider:PodcastListen

  1. NO: A two letter word that will free up time to do what has to be done instead of doing something else for someone else in order to get what they need to be done. Thinks about how much time you have wasted doing for others instead of doing for yourself. You have a business to run. Let ‘no’ become your new go-to word.
  2. Time Management: The best tool that I know of and have used for over 30 years is the Eisenhower Box. All of my clients that have started using this tool tell me that they actually ‘make time.’ In other words, they run out of tasks, before they run out of time. How does it work? It’s about a 90-minute workshop. Let me know if you want to make time.
  3. Distractions: Eliminate them as much as possible. Nothing focuses an individual more today than to turn all forms of communication off. Yes, that means: cell phones, emails, social media and chat apps. You now have a laser focus on what needs to be done and it will get done more efficiently and timely.
  4. Perfectionism: Stop it! I will let you in on a little secret: perfect does not exist. While you are trying to get it just perfect you are losing out on opportunities. Your competition is out there with ‘good enough’ while you are still sitting at home trying to achieve something that does not exist. You can always edit, change or add as you get feedback, but get it out as soon as it is good enough.
  5. Delegate: I hear it so often: “But there is only me.” Great! That is why you should delegate even more. If you are doing everything, how much is it costing you to work ‘in’ your business instead of ‘on’ your business? You can not afford to not delegate.
  6. Mentor: These people are gold. Find one that understands where you are now because they were there before. Listen to their advice. Hear them out; they may just provide the missing link to your success.
  7. Decide: Make quick decisions. I did not say to make uninformed decisions, but once you have gathered the information and know all there is to know and as much as one can know, pull the trigger. I hear so many people say: “Well, I need to think about it for a day or two.” Really? Can anyone tell me what is going to change in the next 48 hours to affect your ability to make the decision? All that has happened is that you are now 48 more hours behind in your progression.

Working smarter instead of harder lets you work less to accomplish more.

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