process1There seems to exist a belief that there is a magical ‘process’ to sales out there and that if you work with certain coaches, they will give you the secret formula and ‘process’ to make your future in the sales world incredibly successful. You will have so much money that you will fly in private jets everywhere, eat at the finest restaurants and lounge in luxury on your 200’ yacht because of this magical sales ‘process.’

Observe, as I make every business coach, facilitator, and trainer angry at me. You see, there is no magical ‘process!’ It hasn’t fundamentally changed since 1887 when John Patterson developed it. Every sale ‘process’ is based on those principles. Everyone calls it something else and delivers it differently, but the main components from 1887 are in there. If they are not, then you have the wrong coach.

Where the confusion arises is that there is a multitude of ‘systems’ that one can use in order to make the ‘process’ easier to use. There is no secret to the ‘process’; it’s five steps:

  1. Find someone that wants, needs and can afford your product.
  2. Build bonding and rapport.
  3. Discover what the motivation is for your product and/or service.
  4. Suggest a solution.
  5. Ask for the order.

That is what Patterson developed in 1887 and it is the foundation for every ‘program’ offered regardless if it is a product or service.

The ‘system’ is what you do in the ‘process’. In other words, how do you find those people that want, need and can afford your product or service and how do you build rapport with them? The ways to discover their motivation is to have a meeting in the first place. How to properly present your product or service, as well as the way one would ask for the order. These are all skills that one needs in order to be able to follow the ‘process’.

The difficulty in the profession of sales is that some are not even aware of the ‘process’ and are attempting to sell based on a ‘system’ alone. Some examples would include among others: people who ask for an order without building any rapport with the client, or the one that presents without finding out if the prospect can even afford the service or product and my personal favorite, the ones that do the first four steps remarkably well and then forget to ask for the order. These are the people that feel since they did the first four so well, that the prospect will be begging them to let them buy. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Therefore, you may be asking: “You have told us about the ‘process’. What is the ‘system’?” Unfortunately, there is no way that I can give you the perfect ‘system’ as there are probably hundreds of them. This is where you have to speak with a mentor/coach/trainer/advisor to see if their particular ‘system’ will fit your needs.

There is no single ‘system’ that will fit everyone. I teach a ‘system’ which has worked remarkably well for the majority of people that I have trained called the D.U.M.B. System. I am fond of saying that the DUMBer that you are, the more successful you will be. My ‘system’ works with the ‘process’ which is why it is effective, efficient and productive.

The ‘system’ is the work that makes the ‘process’ work.

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