desisionsThere are some of us that still recall the days before any technology hit the business world and that one of the selling points was that we would be able to increase the speed that business is done and further, we would become a paperless society.

Well, there seems to be a great spasm between what was promised and what actually is happening today. First, I submit to you the need for paper has actually increased, and secondly, while some functions have become extremely more streamlined such as inventory control, invoicing, and immediate communications with a paper trail, the decision-making process has increased.


DESISION MAKINGThere is no doubt that there has been a steady increase in the individuals involved in making any kind of decision in most businesses. There are now more committees orĀ boards that have to be somehow integrated into the decision making process. According to CEB, a global best practice insights company, there is on average 5 people that have to formally sign off on purchases. With this in mind and with the fact that you are paid on the ability to get the prospect to make a decision, purchase or not, does it not make sense to have a clear understanding on how that decision would be made?