secrecyI had a very good friend recently tell me about an experience which made them rather uncomfortable and suspicious. It seems they were asking a certain individual about their business and what it entailed and all they got back were cryptic answers without revealing what and more importantly, why they should get together to discuss the opportunities. After persistent asking, it finally came out. It was a multi-level marketing business.

To be clear, I have no qualms about multi-level marketing as some are my clients. Some have great products/services and business models. Therefore, why all the secrecy?

PodcastListenSome of the multi-level marketing (MLM) participants will tell you that it is to build intrigue and curiosity, but the majority of cases it builds mistrust and suspicion. Others in the MLM world will say that once a prospective person sees the business model and products/services they will be 100% convinced to join. Let’s examine this scenario a little closer. Someone has told you nothing about the business and/or products and you show up and are ambushed with an MLM business. How are you feeling at that point?

My question is if, as a multi-level marketer, you are proud of the products/service you provide to consumers and if you truly believe in the business model, then why are you afraid to be ‘loud and proud’ of what you do? Further, if you convince someone, after ambushing and enticing them to either be the consumer, or even a participant in the business, how loyal and engaged do you think they are? This may explain why you may be having a very large drop off rate, of not only in consumers but on your downline team.

Deceit, coercion, and pressure is no way to build either trust or likeability. Training anyone in those tactics is a major reason why the industry as a whole may have such a bad reputation with the public at large.

As mentioned above, I have no preconceived notions on MLM, but I also realize that there is a definite lack of training in how to conduct oneself. Those that I have worked with were highly secretive. After going through our program, The Action Suite, they are now ‘loud and proud.’ Further, they have seen massive growth not only in the retention of those who only want to be consumers of the product/service, but they have built great downline teams. As a result of those two factors, their businesses have grown exponentially.

The definition of business is; ‘the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.’ Therefore, multi-level marketing is a business. If you treat it any other way, you will suffer the consequences. As a business one must have the knowledge of how business is conducted today. Furthermore, you must acquire the behaviors as well as the techniques and attitude of business. I cannot emphasize enough that it is not a hobby. It is this prevailing notation, it is a hobby, which has caused the skepticism and mistrust in the marketplace.

There are only two ways to conduct business: the right way, or, the wrong way. How are you conducting your business?

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