The particular process I teach is one called DUMB. The tag line for this process is: “The DUMBER you are the more successful you will be.”

As mentioned in previous blogs, the sales system was actually established back in 1897 by James Patterson the CEO of The National Cash Register Corporation. Since then many processes have come along to work with the system with varying degrees of success.

DUMB is an acronym standing for; Different, Unique, Memorable and Believable.

I have used the process for many years in my past corporate life as well as now with some great results. Does it work every single time? Of course not, if someone states that they have a process which works 100% of the time, my advice to you would be to run as fast as you can from the offer as there is nothing that works 100% of the time. DUMB is something I developed myself and have had great success while using it.

Every client that I have taught DUMB to has always gone away with some apprehension and fear as to implementing it. However, they have come back to me after implementation with comments of: “I can’t believe it worked so well with ….” or “That was a lot easier than before and the results were better than anything I have tried.”

With the current group, I got a phone call three days later as they had a ‘request for quotation’ and wanted some further discussion on how to use DUMB that I had discussed during the workshop on this particular quote. They were anxious to use the process and to get out of that mentality which is a business killer: “We have always done this way.” In other words, they were ready to leave the comfort zone and get uncomfortable. I look at it as they wanted to achieve a new level in their business. The greatest testimonial one can ever receive in the coaching fraternity.

While discussing it with the group on a conference call one gentleman stated: “No one has ever done this.” My response was a simple: “Exactly. Which is why you should do it.”

What we did is formulate hard questions to ask and find more information from the Corporation requesting the price. It is something that is never done, except those that follow DUMB. The premise is if you are asking for a quote, we as the supplier want to find your actual needs and wants and make sure the value we will be providing will be viewed as the reason for the pricing at the end.

What everyone needs to finally come to grips with is that it is never about the price. Even when they say it is about the price. If you want to test this, give a ridiculously low price, but tell them that delivery will be nine months. You will see how quickly it becomes not about the pricing.

At this time, I cannot report back to what the result is from my client as it just happened, but stay tuned as regardless of what happens I will inform you of the outcome.

Being DUMB, strategically, is the greatest tool in your toolbox.

While doing an eight-hour workshop for a client recently I had warned them the majority of this workshop would be in implementing DUMB into their current way of doing business. There were some looks of apprehensions and right out fear as I had gone over DUMB in a previous workshop.

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