word-powerCommunication starts with someone uttering a single word.  Usually, this would cause the other person to respond, again using words.  However, as we all know, the words used have a lot of power.  Words can hurt, bring joy and inspire.  There is no business in this world that exists without the use of words to start it, continue it and yes, even end it.

The words we use in that business can make it successful or not.  Which words are you using to make sure that there is a desirable outcome for all involved?  After all, ‘words are free, it’s how you use them that may cost you.’

Listen to Joe da Silva's Podcast Episode on iTunesSimply by changing a single word could have a dramatic effect on your business as it has not only in mine but in some of those that we have worked with in the programs that we offer.

Following are three of many examples of changing your words:

  • “If we start working together……”  This statement is uttered by the vast majority of salespeople.  The meaning is ambiguous.  By uttering it you have given the prospect no clear indication of what is to happen.  The word that has to be changed, is, of course, ‘if’.  Professionals replace it and instead go with: “When we start working together…….”  There is action in this statement.  The ambiguity is gone.  It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’.  All that you must do is determine and agree as to ‘when’ happens.
  • “I know you are going to like this…….”  There is a saying in business that goes; “People buy emotionally.  They only justify it rationally later.”  I have written previous blogs on this.  How emotionally charged is the aforementioned statement? Some are probably giving it a two or three out of 10.  However, change just one word and it becomes a lot more emotional: “I know you are going to love this….”.
  • “I think we can do…”  Are you sure that you want to work with someone that is not sure about your success by using their service or product?  One of the fundamental differences, and there are many, between a salesperson and a sales professional, is that a professional believes unconditionally in his product and/or service.  The change is quite easy in this statement, but how many times do we use ‘think’?   Your prospect does not need you to ‘think’ that it may work they need to ‘know’ that it will work.  Therefore, you must make sure that the words you use are: “I know we can do…”  Confidence, conviction and no doubt.  Is that not want you want to happen?

Chosen wisely, the words you use today can go a long way to what your tomorrow will look like.

When we work together, I know you will love the sessions on ‘power words’ as well as others.  Check into The Action Suite.  This is where the talking stops and the doing gets done.  We work on your challenges, issues and ideas during a two-hour weekly session where we develop the knowledge, tools and know-how to implement immediately for the solutions to those challenges, issues or ideas.

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