gap“Why are you working ‘in’ your business?”  A puzzled look is all I got back.  I sat in their office in silence awaiting an answer.  My client finally stated: “Not sure what you mean.  Am I not supposed to grow my business?”  “Absolutely!”  was my immediate response.  “So, why are you not working ‘on’ your business?”  Again, the puzzled look.

Business growth, including entrepreneurs, happens in many different ways, and the trick is to figure what the best route is for that business.

The biggest challenge is accepting where your strengths are and know not only when, but what to give up.  The common issue is that we all think that no one can do it better than we can.  Therefore, we end up working ‘in’ our business doing things that can be easily handed off to others.  The end result, you are not working ‘on’ your business but instead ‘in’ it.

A business leader must be a visionary and look forward to see the bigger picture ultimately taking that business towards the end goal.  Your responsibility is to build the strategies and goals that will accomplish that vision.  How can you possibly do that if you are stuck doing the mundane activities and tasks that should be left to others?

 “Your strength is building relationships with clients and prospects.  I have to ask; why are you not working ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ it?”  That was my next question.  The answer, was because they had all these other things to do.

All businesses work on producing profits.  That’s not a big secret and the way to profits include increasing your revenue.  If you are a business owner, including entrepreneurs, if the current activity you are doing is not generating revenue, and as an end result, profits why are you doing it?

If you find any of the following pertaining to you, you may be working ‘in’ your business:

  • Wear too many hats
  • Not enough hours in a day
  • Micromanaging
  • Not able to focus on a single task
  • Cash flow challenges

The list is not exhausted by any stretch of the imagination.

Now that you are thinking about it, is there any that you believe you do that belongs on the list?  I can hear the collective groans and people stating that they need to be ‘in’ it to find out exactly what is going ‘on.’  However, there is a big gap between finding out what is going ‘on’ in your business and working ‘in’ your business.

Ready to bridge that gap?

When we work together, you will be able to gather knowledge, know how and tools to distinguish between the two so that revenues and therefore, profits increase for your business.  To get there, register for our newest program, The Action Suite where the talking stops and the doing gets done.

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