areyoulisteningWhat is the most precious gift that you can give someone?  Something that they will treasure and value and put you three steps ahead of everyone else in your client’s eye?  The answer, strangely enough, is listening and then moving to an action based on that listening.

There is no doubt that in order for long-standing sustainable business to happen, you have to first and foremost, foster bonding and rapport.


pricecommunicatesvalueEvery salesperson that I know, at some time or other, will have to deal with the pricing issue with a prospect.  It is how you handle this particular issue that separates the professional from the nonprofessional. There is no doubt that consumers; be it for a service or hard goods, are always looking for the ‘deal.’


There-are-no-problemsNo, I have not gone to that magical kingdom filled with white fluffy clouds, rainbows, and unicorns.  If we look at the definition of the word problem; a matter or situation regarded as unwelcomed or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome, it would seem the situation is not only overwhelming but if not rectified immediately, could have some dire consequences.

Get Your Head In The Game

Get-your-head-in-the-gameThe best sales call you make, could be the one that you didn’t make.

Let me explain.  I was at a seminar recently hearing self-proclaimed experts in sales sharing their behaviors and techniques on how to be successful. Further, there were speeches on what one has to do; making cold calls, pre-call preparation, following-up etc., in order to be successful which is all good and well.  What was missing though was a discussion on the most important part of any sale, or, for that matter, all other events in life, and that is your attitude.